Grumpy Pumpkin, A Charming Poem – Monstrous Halloween

There was a grumpy pumpkin, His carve, a happy a face, So underneath his plump skin, His feelings showed no trace, You’d think he would go crazy, Would suffer mental harm, Instead, it’s quite amazing, He came to like his charm. This is my entry for prompt 1 of the Monstrous Halloween event hosted hereContinue reading “Grumpy Pumpkin, A Charming Poem – Monstrous Halloween”

Halloween Challenge, Day 28: One Bright Day (story)

One bright day, in the middle of the night, as the sun rose over the horizon, I was abruptly awakened by a knock on the door. I looked over at the clock which displayed 3:21 a.m. in bright ominously red numbers. A count down, but to what? And who would be knocking on the doorContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 28: One Bright Day (story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)

A pumpkin with a carved in face, A dark and empty husk… Light a candle, inside it place, About the fall of dusk… The fire within, a life now made, A kind and gentle soul… A smile shown that will not fade, And makes the lantern whole. I had to think about the last severalContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)”

Girl With a Knack (poem)

This smiling face is named Jack! Brought forth by a girl with a knack, She puts smiles on faces, Gives quite the embraces, And for her, I keep coming back! A short and cheerful rhyme to brighten your day. My wife and I carved this pumpkin the other day. She put the smile on theContinue reading “Girl With a Knack (poem)”