Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)

A pumpkin with a carved in face, A dark and empty husk… Light a candle, inside it place, About the fall of dusk… The fire within, a life now made, A kind and gentle soul… A smile shown that will not fade, And makes the lantern whole. I had to think about the last severalContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)”

Girl With a Knack (poem)

This smiling face is named Jack! Brought forth by a girl with a knack, She puts smiles on faces, Gives quite the embraces, And for her, I keep coming back! A short and cheerful rhyme to brighten your day. My wife and I carved this pumpkin the other day. She put the smile on theContinue reading “Girl With a Knack (poem)”

Halloween Challenge: Decorations

Here is day 21 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Decorations. This one also could be used for day 1 as one of my more favored decorations just happens to be pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns.   [Begin scene] Very many options there are, With a pumpkin to decorate… I’d say that they raise the bar, Just what funContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Decorations”