Halloween Challenge, Day 30: tap, Tap, TAP! (story)

The rain falling steady outside helped lull me to sleep. The clouds so thick no moon or stars would be making a presence over night. A sweet dream started playing in my mind and I was set for a restful night. Tap. The sound barely registering in my ears. Tap. As it continued, it broughtContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 30: tap, Tap, TAP! (story)”

Halloween Challenge: Trick

Here is day 15 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge : Trick. [Begin scene] Our dog’s skills ascend as he learns of new tricks, But the latest does not involve retrieving sticks…   Instead it takes on a more hallowed tone, No, I do not talk of him burying a bone…   This new trick you see brings aboutContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Trick”