Halloween Challenge, Day 29: Witch’s Brew (poem)

The witch’s brew, a most foul stew, Concocted for a spell… What it’ll do, I have no clue, It wafts a nasty smell… Disgusting things, like fruit bat wings, And other creature parts… The witch, she sings, a raven brings, Some black and shrivelled hearts… She stirs in now, an ox and cow, The mixContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 29: Witch’s Brew (poem)”

Halloween Challenge: Blood

Here is day 18 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood [Begin scene] This single drop of blood, Shall make the brew complete…   To change a harmless bud, Into a plant with several feet…   It will run around the block, Giving everyone a fright…   Right up until the clock, Rings out it is midnight…  Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Blood”