Pumpkin Spice, A Terrible Tanka

Chelsea Owens hosts a weekly terrible poetry contest for laughs and letting it go. I figured I would give it an actual attempt this week which is a tanka on pumpkin spice 😉 Pumpkin spice is great, I mean it tastes really good Add some to coffee, Or that milky thing, latte? Then drink itContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice, A Terrible Tanka”

A Sheepishly Silly Post

What do you call a flock of sheep coming down a mountain headed straight for you? A Baaavalanche! Or perhaps it is a Lambpede! I saw this image and wondered if they were headed to Woolstock! Ok, ok, I know I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here! ———————————- I wonder how many willContinue reading “A Sheepishly Silly Post”

Beautiful Natural Locks, A Sunday Photo Fiction

[TV commercial voice] Is your hair thinning out? Have you gone bald before your time? Listen close cause we have the solution for you! Growdi-locks ™ is revolutionizing the hair treatment industry with our patented beautiful locks growth system. No more wearing clucky synthetic wigs! No more gluing strands right to the noggin! With Growdi-locksContinue reading “Beautiful Natural Locks, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

A Failed Poem Challenge

I was browsing through my reader feed here and happened upon The Weekly Terrible Poetry Challenge entry by pensitivity101. It appears that the topic this week for the non-rhyming poetry contest is “second hand shopping”. Go ahead and check that out, this may make more sense after. Anyway, while I was reading that I decidedContinue reading “A Failed Poem Challenge”