Political Poem, Limerick Form

There once was a man from Japan, Who divulged his stunning bright plan, A proposal quite new, To the voter be true, And on that simple platform he ran. ———– Guess we know this is pure fiction. OK, there are the rare gems in politics that actually try to represent those whom vote for them.Continue reading “Political Poem, Limerick Form”

Skeleton In The Closet, A Limerick

Opened my closet to get out some pants, That’s when I saw it oh my what’s the chance, A skeleton bare, Was just standing there, Seems he had died while in dance. Written for prompt #14 of Monstrous Halloween,You open your closet to find an actual skeleton, how did it get there?  I guess itContinue reading “Skeleton In The Closet, A Limerick”

Halloween Challenge, Day 6: Circus Ghost

A jovial limerick for day 6 of the Halloween Challenge hosted at Flutter by Literature. Join in on the challenge at any time!! I know of this one circus ghost… More scary, he announced, than most… Jumped out at some clowns… And they all fell down!… Laughing in spite of his boast. Special Thanks toContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 6: Circus Ghost”