Anyone Can Read This Poem

‘Anyone’ should be a word that anyone can use, But sadly it did not fit in, with my daily muse… So here I am to write this post, it’s just a short lament, Of how I failed this gracious host, it wasn’t my intent! Ah, the fun of rhyming. I’ve always enjoyed it immensely. IContinue reading “Anyone Can Read This Poem”

Halloween Challenge, Day 22: How to be Dead (poem)

How to be dead, you’ve mastered now, Your degree is on its way… Congratulations! Take a bow, There isn’t much more to say… The afterlife is pretty sweet, Well not so much in taste… But when you dive in to a treat, It won’t stick to your waist… Enjoy your stay, eternally, You’ll never fadeContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 22: How to be Dead (poem)”