Political Poem, Limerick Form

There once was a man from Japan, Who divulged his stunning bright plan, A proposal quite new, To the voter be true, And on that simple platform he ran. ———– Guess we know this is pure fiction. OK, there are the rare gems in politics that actually try to represent those whom vote for them.Continue reading “Political Poem, Limerick Form”

Redemption, A Needed Poem

You can not earn redemption, It’s achieved by harder means, Accepting when it’s offered, Simply isn’t in our genes, We feel the need to struggle, To feel we meet the worth, A tit for tat debacle, That’s ingrained in us since birth, But I’m here to tell you, The kind but simple truth, Accepting whenContinue reading “Redemption, A Needed Poem”

Defiance, A Photo Fictional Poem

Ransom paid, He had returned, A little worse for wear, Mind was made, Defiance burned, He would make them care, Knew some how, If someone can, He would be the guy, Scarred face now, Pose of a man, Again, set out to try. ———————- A fictional poem inspired by Donna’s Sunday Photo Fiction, the imageContinue reading “Defiance, A Photo Fictional Poem”

Age of Wisdom, A Poem

No need to lament, Days of youth now long gone, Or this gradual decent, From the height of your dawn, For to look back and ponder, The days of your past, How life’s events wander, Making memories that last, This life’s been well lived, Joyous times have been had, From the days as a kid,Continue reading “Age of Wisdom, A Poem”