Like A Past Partner, A Rhyme

Hearing boos throughout the night, Waken with a startling fright, Many sounds and creaks so strange, Quite a very recent change, Found a ghost has come to stay, She just appeared in our hallway, Seems I’m like her partner past, For she took to me quite fast, Guess I’ll try to play along, Maybe joinContinue reading “Like A Past Partner, A Rhyme”

That Dream Again, A Speculative Poem

Again the dream, Always the same, Deserted church, Handful of graves, Sun looks bleak, The wasteland vast, Is this the future? Or some place past? When I awake, Drenched in sweat, As deep within, Some meaning holds, I wonder how, And often when, Will be revealed, What this portends. ——————— Written for Carol J. Forester’sContinue reading “That Dream Again, A Speculative Poem”

The Horseman Encounter, A Frantic Poem

Running fast, the Horseman near, chased into this maze… He walks past, Heart beats with fear, Can’t see through this haze… Turn quick right, Keep running now, Corn leaves in the face… Filled with fright, Must live some how, Have to win this race!… Cover ground, Reach open air, Think it’s safe, I say… TurnContinue reading “The Horseman Encounter, A Frantic Poem”

News That Isn’t, A Poem – 3TC

Read the daily paper and your anger will quite flare, The stuff they sell as news I sometimes wonder why they dare… Often times misleading and very seldom true, I could go on and on until my face turns rather blue… But I must be going, must check out of this hotel, Head far fromContinue reading “News That Isn’t, A Poem – 3TC”