Defiance, A Photo Fictional Poem

Ransom paid,

He had returned,

A little worse for wear,

Mind was made,

Defiance burned,

He would make them care,

Knew some how,

If someone can,

He would be the guy,

Scarred face now,

Pose of a man,

Again, set out to try.


A fictional poem inspired by Donna’s Sunday Photo Fiction, the image provided by MicheleBlanche at

Also influenced by a couple of word prompts:

Word of the Day Challenge: ransom

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: can

When I look at this photo and treat the mannequin as a person I see a young man, face a bit busted up, but still holding a pose of defiance. Imagined him standing up for some cause, being captured by the opposition and roughed up a bit, then ransomed back where he remains defiant, ready to head back to the forefront of his cause. I hope most of that came through in the poem.

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Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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