Night Time Thrill, A Bit of Prose


Drinkers of blood,

Hunters quite undead,

Night fliers,

Make terrors flood,

People come to dread,

Chasing you,

You try to run,

Getting desperate now,

Options few,

Soon comes the sun,

Hold them off some how,

Quickly hide,

Light crests the hill,

Villains fly away,

Eased inside,

Survived the thrill,

You live another day.


3-4-5, ABC patterned prose today.

A response to the Monstrous Halloween prompt series, #18, One Word Prompt: vampire

Word of the Day Challenge: desperate

I hope you have a great day!

Castle image by OpenClipart-Vectors @ pixabay

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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By day, a programmer of computers, by night a masked crusader on the front for justice! errr....erm, no. I do create art and writing for everyones enjoyment at

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