Scene: Red Balloon


Relax, clear your mind and imagine

[Begin scene]

Afloat, aloft, in a beautiful sky,

Climbs a small red balloon, up very high…


From this vantage point, he can clearly see,

The outstretched arm, of a toddler of three…


‘Twas there he started this journey away,

No way to return and no way to stay…


He is not focused, he has not a plan,

Just drifts through the air, wherever he can…


One day he will stop, one day he will land,

For now he flies free, unbound to a hand.

[End scene]


I hope you enjoyed the poem format!



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Published by Jim Sponseller

By day, a programmer of computers, by night a masked crusader on the front for justice! errr....erm, no. I do create art and writing for everyones enjoyment at

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