Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem


Birds of a feather…

Flying straight south,

A flock together…

No room for others,

Not even some ducks…

Nor any raptors,

And nothing that clucks!

I always enjoy watching the geese fly by in the spring and fall with their effective and very recognizable ‘V’ pattern. Though I wish they wouldn’t stay so much in the summer. They really do make quite a mess around the local ponds here…particularly the Canadian variety. Maybe we need another wall *tongue in cheek* 😉

Comments? Anyone? Bueller?

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: gregarious

Image of geese by 12019 @ pixabay

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

Published by Jim Sponseller

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2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem

  1. I used to work in an office complex up in New Hampshire that had a large pond in the back. Canadian geese would flock to that pond and drop their poops all over the sidewalks next to the pond. My coworkers and I wrote a song called “Little Goose Poop” sing to the tune of The Beach Boys song, “Little Deuce Coup.” Unfortunately, I can’t recall all of the words, but I thing the chorus included the line, “Little Goose Poop/gotta watch where we walk.”


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