Dianthus, Another Day…

Our dianthus flowers are blooming strong right now. Really adds some color to our butterfly garden. I snapped this photo just yesterday early afternoon. On the art endeavor front, I recently picked up some graphite pencils and blending stomp, a few charcoal pencils to go with some pastels, and some pastel paper. I hope toContinue reading “Dianthus, Another Day…”

Weekly Recap #2

For those who missed the postings this week at mindescapes.net or those simply wanting to review, here is the latest recap on new content: Added several new scenes: A Quiet Place Picturesque Pine A Dawn of Hope Purple Petunias Mighty Oak Sunflowers Stand Tall A Future Bright Space Needle Circle of Stone Participated in oneContinue reading “Weekly Recap #2”

Weekly Recap #1

  For those of you that missed the happenings here at mindescapes.net this week, here’s a brief recap: Added new scenes: Then There Were None Mums the Word Red Balloon Fall Fields Pampered Puppy Shooting Star Autumn Ablaze   Posted my first ‘quick ficts’ short story: Quick Ficts: Jonathon and the Werewolves And created someContinue reading “Weekly Recap #1”