Beautiful Natural Locks, A Sunday Photo Fiction

[TV commercial voice]

Is your hair thinning out? Have you gone bald before your time? Listen close cause we have the solution for you!

Growdi-locks ™ is revolutionizing the hair treatment industry with our patented beautiful locks growth system. No more wearing clucky synthetic wigs! No more gluing strands right to the noggin! With Growdi-locks ™ you get that custom blonde look that will really make them “Wow!”

In just minutes, our salon experts will grow you the perfect do! No more bad hair days! No more nasty chemicals to add body to your waning strands! Just beautiful natural locks right for you!

Call our offices now and start loving your hair and yourself today! You deserve this!

Operators are standing by.


A little Sunday humor 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day!

This photo prompt posted by Sunday Photo Fiction

Photo by digitaldundee @ morguefile

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