After reflecting on the state of my life and obligations lately, I am pleased to report that things are settled enough to enable me to return some attention to my oft ignored blog here. I won’t be posting daily but have plans for a weekly series of more in depth writing and pondering on lifeContinue reading “Reflections…”

Scene: Funnel of Dusk

[Begin scene] A day calm and serene, closing once again… Light gathering into the funnel of dusk, melding into the brightest yellows… Reds and purples streaming in, reflected about by a mix of clouds… A small pond mirroring back the beautiful sight, highlighting a stand of pines… The horizon, a dark silhouette, like ash againstContinue reading “Scene: Funnel of Dusk”

Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year! This is the final round up post for our 2017 Christmas Challenge covering days 18 through 25. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was quite enjoyable reading what everyone came up with for entries! I must confess┬áthat with all of the preparations for Christmas andContinue reading “Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up”