Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year!

This is the final round up post for our 2017 Christmas Challenge covering days 18 through 25. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was quite enjoyable reading what everyone came up with for entries! I must confess that with all of the preparations for Christmas and time with family I was unable to complete an entry for each of the days. It was fun on the days I did manage though 🙂

If you missed them, Round Up #1 covered days 1 – 9 and Round Up #2 covered days 10 – 17. There have also been new entries for those days that have since been added!


Day 18 – Santa

The Santa Hustle (

Senryu – The Penguin and Santa (

Christmas Challenge: Santa (


Day 19 – Angel

Poem – I Wandered Lost Among The Fallen Angels (

Christmas Challenge: Angel (


Day 20 – Stocking

Christmas Challenge: Stocking (


Day 21 – Joy

No Entries


Day 22 – Tree

Senryu – Christmas Tree (

Christmas Challenge: Tree (


Day 23 – Child

No Entries


Day 24 – Bells

Senryu – Bells (


Day 25 – Gift

No Entries


Thanks again to all who were able to join in! Brief summary of participating blogs:

Afterwards – Amazing fiction and humorous posts and poetry

Kelly Griffiths – Creative fiction and poetry

Cactus Haiku – Fun haiku and senryu poetry

Just a Few Words – Original drawings and poetry, introspective blog

Kayla Ann Author – Energetic and exciting blog, drinks tea, lives life, and writes about it!

Wind Kisses – Blogging from Arizona, poetry and photography



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