The Elemental Trials, #writephoto

The wizarding proctor watched closely as the elemental of fire struggled hard to take shape, fighting against Angela’s spell of dowsing. This was her third elemental of the trials and was proving to be her most difficult. She was not particularly skilled in the water spells needed to counter this being and it showed. The flaming beast surged forth again, barely constrained by Angela’s spell.

The proctor frowned slightly and stepped back, not wanting to be singed by the errant flames emanating from the elemental. He had already nearly been crushed when the earthen elemental was shattered and had finally just dried out from the drenching he received while she fought the being of water.

At least if she failed here he wouldn’t be tossed around by the elemental of air, he thought, his mind wandering. A bright flash of flames brought his attention right back to the task at hand. Angela was still struggling to defeat the fire elemental and he was growing bored.

“I suggest you try something a bit more powerful my dear”, he offered glumly.

“Subfusio maximus!”, she cried out.

Oh dear, he thought as he hiked his robes, I needed to be on higher ground for this.

The flood waters rose from the ground fast, drenching them all. Steam sizzled around the elemental and then the water engulfed it entirely, ending the flames with a sharp POP!

Looks like he would have to suffer through Angela’s attempt at the final elemental after all, air, his least favorite.


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: balefire for #writephoto

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Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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  1. Everyone has to start somewhere. Rough day for the proctor.

  2. Yes, the poor proctor. I just imagine how it goes with students that do worse. Thank you for reading and the nice comment πŸ™‚

  3. He should have been a little nicer. Guess you get what you deserve.

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