Ode to Mushrooms (poem)

Mushrooms taste so wonderfully good,

We add them to everything we possibly could…

They spruce up some rice, and smother the chicken,

So tastefully making each dish finger lickin…

They’re one thing we buy on each grocery trip,

As both me and my wife think think they’re totally hip…

I know they deserve more wonderful prose,

But I’ve run out of time so this poem I will close.

Mushrooms image from pixabay.com

© 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net


Categories: Poetry

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6 replies

  1. Mushrooms are great, especially if cooked right. Hey, that kind of rhymes. 😀

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  2. Mushrooms make great pictures.

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  3. I made chicken casserole with jumbo mushrooms in. This was to keep me warm as nights are drawing in and getting colder. Your ode to mushrooms reminded me of the warm chicken casserole thank you. 🙂😊

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  4. We put mushrooms in soo much. Glad it reminded you of something nice!


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