Do Any Of These Live Under Your Stairs?, Monstrous Halloween

Pretty creepy, isn’t it. This is a picture of a house centipede. Very fast and aggressive little creatures that may run at you instead of away. At the last house we lived at, you might find one of these living under the basement stairs, or anywhere in the basement for that matter. I had neverContinue reading “Do Any Of These Live Under Your Stairs?, Monstrous Halloween”

The Problem Is Real, A Twittering Tale

The problem is real. Stats do not justify the hours poured into the daily posts. Like the leaves and flowers that dried up with winter, so too, has the inspiration. Posts dwindle, so do followers. Not this year, this year is different! Inspiration secured and nailed to the wall. 278 Characters for Twittering Tales #158Continue reading “The Problem Is Real, A Twittering Tale”

Thanks For The Call, Dad – Monstrous Halloween

This post is prompted by the Monstrous Halloween series of writing prompts #9, The phone rings at midnight, who’s calling? I thought I had better lead off with that as the introduction because this isn’t my usual little poems and short stories. ———————- The phone rings at midnight, who’s calling? My father, I would hope.Continue reading “Thanks For The Call, Dad – Monstrous Halloween”

A Sheepishly Silly Post

What do you call a flock of sheep coming down a mountain headed straight for you? A Baaavalanche! Or perhaps it is a Lambpede! I saw this image and wondered if they were headed to Woolstock! Ok, ok, I know I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here! ———————————- I wonder how many willContinue reading “A Sheepishly Silly Post”