The Problem Is Real, A Twittering Tale


The problem is real.
Stats do not justify the hours poured into the daily posts.
Like the leaves and flowers that dried up with winter, so too, has the inspiration.
Posts dwindle, so do followers.
Not this year, this year is different!
Inspiration secured and nailed to the wall.

278 Characters for Twittering Tales #158 hosted by Kay Myrman.

I can hardly mark this as fiction though as it seems to be my standard operating procedure these last couple years. The year gets busy with the holidays. My wife gets less happy that I am spending time trying to get a daily post or two in. I am not seeing beautiful trees and flowers to photograph for inspiration, then my posting drops off to about nothing.

I know it is anathema to growing an audience and so I sit, some what discouraged, as blogs at an age of mine have ten times the followers or more. I know I shouldn’t care about that much but there it is, staring at me. In large part due to the manner in which I post and the limited interaction I have with others.

I am very happy to see that my daily readership has improved. Thank you to everyone following along! It really makes writing so much more rewarding when you know those stories and poems are actually read!

This year I intend to keep active and not drop off into the abyss come January. I have spread out into more challenges, photo fiction and otherwise, to maintain that source of inspiration for writing fun and interesting stories and poems. I will try to work on depth a bit too as I tend to write a lot of whimsical light content rather than emotionally charged deep reading.

Again, a thanks to everyone following along! Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

Inspirational image by Mikechie Esparagoza @

Word of the Day Challenge: justify

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: manner

Jim Sponseller – – 2019



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