Do Any Of These Live Under Your Stairs?, Monstrous Halloween

Pretty creepy, isn’t it. This is a picture of a house centipede. Very fast and aggressive little creatures that may run at you instead of away.

At the last house we lived at, you might find one of these living under the basement stairs, or anywhere in the basement for that matter. I had never seen or heard of them until finding them in that house. They prefer cool and damp areas like many basements are, and they feed on many other bugs you might have so, in that way, are beneficial.

Having many of these insects is also a sign that you might have other bug problems too, such as ants or silverfish. So after a few rounds of an exterminator treating around the house for other insects and running a dehumidifier non stop they became a rare sighting, thankfully.

Just wanted to share for the Monstrous Halloween writing prompt #22: You find a creature living under your stairs

Have you ever encountered the house centipede?

Centipede image by 631372 @ pixabay

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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