Nature inspired scenes

Morning Dew

  [Begin scene] Droplets of water cling to blades of grass, daring to let go… The yard shimmers like a thousand sunrises as the droplets pick up the early morning rays… The cool damp ground muffles the sounds as a… Read More ›

Mountain Trout

[Begin scene] Silky white clouds pass between a pair of mountain peaks… Green shrubbery covers the landscape softened by the blue of the sky… A nearby stream flows swiftly by, cool water tumbling over an assortment of rocks, gurgling on… Read More ›

As summer ends

With Labor day celebrated here in the U.S. it kind of represents the ending of summer and for northern places a changing of seasons. To mark this passing I have put together both a doodle and accompanying scene. I hope… Read More ›

Flash in the Night

[Begin scene] A distant horizon made silhouette by a bright flash… The clouds alight with bright blues and purples… A streak of energy joining land and sky… The rumble of thunder felt nearby… Beauty and power. [End scene]   (Image… Read More ›