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By day, a programmer of computers, by night a masked crusader on the front for justice! errr....erm, no. I do create art and writing for everyones enjoyment at and

  • New theme

    I decided to try a new theme for the blog. Let me know if you find this theme easy to navigate or where it could be improved. Thank You!   Advertisements

  • As summer ends

    With Labor day celebrated here in the U.S. it kind of represents the ending of summer and for northern places a changing of seasons. To mark this passing I have put together both a doodle and accompanying scene. I hope… Read More ›

  • Flash in the Night

    [Begin scene] A distant horizon made silhouette by a bright flash… The clouds alight with bright blues and purples… A streak of energy joining land and sky… The rumble of thunder felt nearby… Beauty and power. [End scene]   (Image… Read More ›

  • Man of Stone

    [Begin scene] Inside a church… Cathedral ceiling, stone columns, stained glass windows… An altar of stone, a marble statue nearby in a place of honor… The statue, a man in flowing robes, his knowing eyes look at you… His arms… Read More ›

  • Introducing: MindEscapes Doodles!

    Doodles are computer based sketches I find relaxing to create and sometimes interesting just to stare at for awhile. Having some positive feedback from people who have seen some of them in the past I’ve decided to share some here… Read More ›

  • Heading south

    Just imagine… [Begin scene] A pond shimmers from the cool breeze… Leaves drift down from a nearby tree… A flock of geese, once resting on the water, take flight… A collage of whites and blacks stark against the sky… Once… Read More ›

  • Fetch!

    Clear your mind, read the description slowly, let your imagination unfold and paint a masterpiece in your mind… [Begin scene] Shifting clouds adrift in a bright blue sky… A hillside clothed in short rich green grass… Upon it a boy… Read More ›