Seasons End (poem)

Corn is standing tall,

Color fades away…

Sun begins to fall,

Casts its golden rays…

Leaves are turning brown,

Stalks are showing age…

The chapter winding down,

Another turn of page…

One day snow will come,

Truly mark the day…

This season now is done,

It slowly fades away.

I always lament a bit at the end of summer when everything begins to change and plants wilt away. There is a last burst of color in autumn and then the gray of winter settles in for a few months. Fortunately that season ends as well and we are greated with the bright greens of spring after!

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Published by Jim Sponseller

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3 thoughts on “Seasons End (poem)

  1. Thank you! I always miss summer when it ends. Autumn in nice too and brings things to look forward to, apple cider, bonfires, and hayrides to name a few. Also the trees turn absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  2. I agree. I like all those things, especially the beautiful trees, but the end of summer just reminds me how quickly time passes: how quickly everything in nature starts to die when it’s seems like just yesterday it was born.

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