Eye of Mine, A Stream of Conciousness Poem

Drawn by my hand, Scratched in the sand, Cast forth some lines, This eye of mine, Starts to emerge, Now on the verge, Makes quite a scene, What does it mean, Place to begin, From deep within, Just trace them now, Get lost some how, Into the task, Reveals the mask, Of who you are,Continue reading “Eye of Mine, A Stream of Conciousness Poem”

A Pretty Moth and Solem Poem, Read and Relax

A pretty moth, Some blades of green… This image doth, Invoke serene… A quiet place, In restful hearts… A solemn pace, Where stress departs. I hope the slow relaxing pace of this poem has helped you let some stresses go. Rest and have a great afternoon! James Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019

Scene: Hard Places, Soft Spaces

[Begin scene] Rocks jut up from the ground, varying shades of tan and gray… Sunlight streams across them, lighting up a face here and there, casting the rest in shadow… These hard stones gathered here to help slow the erosion from heavy rains… Blankets of pine needles lie about, filling the space between the rocks,Continue reading “Scene: Hard Places, Soft Spaces”

Scene: Peeling Away Time

[Begin scene] A calm day, the sky a pretty and deep blue… Puffy clouds drifting above the horizon, changing shapes as they move about… A tree, standing alone, looking a little ghoulish, like a mummy coming unwrapped… Its bark, peeling away with the passing of time, as sands slip through the hourglass… Underneath, new bark peaksContinue reading “Scene: Peeling Away Time”