Scene: A Moment Bright

[Begin scene] A breezy morning, everything damp from a night of rain… The sun shining bright, rays passing through autumn trees… Clouds race from the west, intent on reaching the east horizon… Brightness vanishes into the thick rolling clouds, gray settles upon the land… A different beauty, as life giving rain falls once again. [EndContinue reading “Scene: A Moment Bright”

Scene: Woodpile Wonders

[Begin scene] A lightly wooded yard, grass still green between  the color changing trees… Near an overgrown arborvitae there sits a small woodpile, a source of future warmth… Leaves have fallen around the woodpile adding colorful accents to the drab dark setting… A gem found along one of the larger logs, a fungal growth thatContinue reading “Scene: Woodpile Wonders”

Scene: Imagination at Play

Relax,clear your mind, and imagine [Begin scene] Inside an inviting living room with comfortably used furniture… A small child stands perched on the sofa edge, arms outstretched, a colorful towel draped over their shoulders as if a cape… About to recreate a scene from their favorite super hero movie… A determined look on their pixie face asContinue reading “Scene: Imagination at Play”