Scene: Seat With a View

[Begin scene] A pleasant fall day, a few puffy white clouds glide through the light blue sky like boats on the sea… A bench, sturdy, empty, and inviting. Its best asset the view just beyond… A small pond, the waters… Read More ›

Scene: Fading Fall

[Begin scene] The sun emerges from behind rain clouds just before dusk, casting a farewell salute to the fading day… The yellow orange rays caress the damp yellow leaves of a fall tree, bathing it with a soft glow throughout…… Read More ›

Scene: A Moment Bright

[Begin scene] A breezy morning, everything damp from a night of rain… The sun shining bright, rays passing through autumn trees… Clouds race from the west, intent on reaching the east horizon… Brightness vanishes into the thick rolling clouds, gray… Read More ›