The Rude Customer, A Foto Flash Fiction

At a lovely ocean side cafe, my wife and I had sat down for a light lunch. The food was wonderful, the company perfect, and the atmosphere divine. That is, until the most rude customer I have ever seen sat down at a nearby table.

“Waiter! WAITER!”, he squawked. “I demand service!”. I wondered who he thought he was!? The ruler of some oppressed country?!

At first, everyone looked away awkwardly, embarrassed for the poor soul. He didn’t stop though. The waiter rushed over to placate the customer.

“It’s about time! Now you better write this down or you’ll get it wrong. I want an iced tea with lemon, lightly squeezed, and there better not be any of them seed things in it either. And I’ll take one of them crescent shaped sandwiches. Turkey, no lettuce, double cheese, and light mayonnaise only, on the side. You can go now, that’s all.”

The waiter left for the kitchen and at least the squawking stopped, replaced by the customer drumming his fingers on the table, loudly. The waiter returned with the tea and he started again.

“You call this iced tea?! There’s barely any ice at all! When I say iced I mean iced damnit!”

The waiter started to apologize but the customer cut him off, “Don’t give me some dumb excuse for getting it wrong! Just fix it!”

The waiter stood up with the glass, poured the tea onto the customer’s head and said. “Sir, you can leave now!”

The rest of the customers, including my wife and I applauded loudly.

To our surprise, the customer said not a single word more, harrumphed about, and stumbled off angrily.


Have you had any dining experiences with similarly rude customers?

Written for the Foto Flash Fiction Challenge hosted by Donna McNicol.

Seagull on table image by Free-Photos @ pixabay

Also includes the following prompts:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: ruler

Word of the Day Challenge: stumble

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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