Poetry: Pretty in Pink

Rose of Sharon, now in bloom, Cheers the heart, reduces gloom… Quite profound, one might propose, The ton of joy, from a rose… Somewhat small and simple thing, Yet makes your soul start to sing… So here we are, here… Read More ›


Poetry: Stout Volunteer

Standing stout and very proud, In this somewhat fertile ground… Here you see its vibrant blooms, Warding off some grey day glooms… Not quite planned, no others near, Grows this treasured volunteer… At this sight my day improves, And many… Read More ›

Poetry:Violet Star

On center stage, this violet star, Does call to bees, near and far… “Come close to me, sit a spell, Take home some sweet, from my well”… Responding quick, to this call, Come many bees, large and small… They don’t… Read More ›