Scene: Lanterns of the Sea

  [Begin scene] Deep under the surface of the sea, a deep dark blue, almost black extends in every direction… Dozens of luminescent jellyfish ride the currents glowing brightly against the vast dark expanse, calling to nearby creatures… Any creatures drawn to these lanterns of the sea must be careful lest they feel an unwelcome StingContinue reading “Scene: Lanterns of the Sea”

Scene: Imagination at Play

Relax,clear your mind, and imagine [Begin scene] Inside an inviting living room with comfortably used furniture… A small child stands perched on the sofa edge, arms outstretched, a colorful towel draped over their shoulders as if a cape… About to recreate a scene from their favorite super hero movie… A determined look on their pixie face asContinue reading “Scene: Imagination at Play”

Recent Reflections: Sept 2017

  Hard to believe nearly 3 weeks have passed already since starting this blog. I figure I will do these posts occasionally to reflect on what MindEscapes has been up to recently. MindEscapes endeavors to provide mindful meditation like scenes to give your mind a recess from the daily rigors of life and provides lessContinue reading “Recent Reflections: Sept 2017”

Scene: Thorns In Beautiful Places

  [Begin scene] Sunlight streams through a window, casting a spotlight on the elegant bouquet… Long stemmed roses stretch, their soft yellow petals gleaming radiantly in the bright light… Deep green leaves cluster under the petals, worn almost like a dress… Thorny stems reach down into a vase, drinking life extending waters so that this beautiful settingContinue reading “Scene: Thorns In Beautiful Places”