Scene: Fall Fields

[Begin scene] A country hillside, fall colors around… A field of golden corn stalks stretch forth towards the left… The yellow ears showing their grain within, while tassles wave in the wind… A wooden fence follows a dirt path defining the edge of the field… The other side host to a pumpkin patch, green leavesContinue reading “Scene: Fall Fields”

Scene: Pampered Puppy

[Begin scene] A busy boardwalk along the sea, the smell of the salty breeze pleasant… A buggy stroller, pink with white accents, pushed by a young woman… Inside the stroller rides a pampered little puppy with fluffy white fur… A “World’s Cutest Puppy” shirt flaps in the breeze as it peers about, watching people pass… At aContinue reading “Scene: Pampered Puppy”

Scene: Shooting Star

  [Begin scene] A cool night, a dark moonless sky… Lying on a blanket with the heavens in view, each point of light a new world far far away… An orchestra of crickets and frogs fill the air with music, an occasional accent from a night bird… Then it happens! A bright streak across theContinue reading “Scene: Shooting Star”