Meta: Mighty Big Plans

I have some mighty big plans for the near and long futures here at MindEscapes. For starters, I have added a new page: Scenes to consolidate and provide fast acess to the various scenes created here. In addition I am planning a few more sections to the blog: In Depth – A review and analysis sectionContinue reading “Meta: Mighty Big Plans”

Scene: Woollybear Wednesday

  [Begin scene] A warm fall day, nary a cloud in the blue sky… Inching along a broad green leaf is a fuzzy little critter… Black on both ends with a length of brown to connect them… The woollybear stops here and there to munch on a crumb of the leaf as he makes hisContinue reading “Scene: Woollybear Wednesday”

Scene: Leaving the Nest

We all must do it at some point. [Begin scene] Nestled deep in the branches of a pine tree, surrounded by dark green needles, sits a little bird nest… Just outside the nest hopping from branch to branch tentatively is a young blue jay in near full plumage… His familiar blue feathers ruffling as he hops branchContinue reading “Scene: Leaving the Nest”

Oh Glorious Day

It’s Monday morning. Start of the work week. Glorious Day? Pshhh…Well I say it is a glorious day. You are here , I am here, seems glorious enough for me. Let’s see if we can start this week off right. [Begin  scene] The warm morning sun peeks over the nearby trees completely unaware of starting aContinue reading “Oh Glorious Day”