Halloween Challenge: Graveyard

Here is day 23 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard. I hope my being a day behind for the last several installments didn’t bother anyone too greatly. [Begin scene] Graveyards are such interesting places, I wander around and imagine their faces…   Who was Jon Smith or Betty Jones, They once were here where now there are bones…Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Graveyard”

Halloween Challenge: Spider

It is so easy to succumb to these Halloween Challenges…so much fun! Here is day 14 for JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spider in limerick form.   [Begin scene] I know of this one little spider, Who likes to drink warm apple cider, With a cinnamon stick, He drinks it down quick, Then each day grows aContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Spider”

Halloween Challenge: Bat

The prompt for day 12 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge is “bat”.  Let’s be creative.   [Begin scene] The once was a goat named, “Bat”, For his ears made him look like that… One day in the barnyard he sat, And said “I’d look better wearing a hat!”…   “Naaaay!”, said Horse, “You don’t need a hat.”, “Baaaah!”,Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Bat”

Halloween Challenge: Broom

The challenge prompt for day 13 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge is “broom”  Here we go!   [Begin Scene] A witch flies across the sky on her broom, Cloaked in the darkness of night…   Visible only when in front of the moon, on her way to give someone a fright! [End Scene]   Have a fun Friday!!  Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Broom”