Halloween Challenge: Spider

It is so easy to succumb to these Halloween Challenges…so much fun!

Here is day 14 for JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spider in limerick form.


[Begin scene]

I know of this one little spider,

Who likes to drink warm apple cider,

With a cinnamon stick,

He drinks it down quick,

Then each day grows a little bit wider!

[End scene]



© 2017 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net





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12 replies

  1. Completely blown my perception of spiders. Lol imagining a spider with hiccups completely all over the place with her web.

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  2. 🙂 Yeah, I am having a lot of fun with the challenges…fun artwork, fun stories, I am glad you like them!


  3. I’ve recently started adding my Artwork to my blog. Recently inspired by the band Muse song ‘United States of Eurasia.

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  4. Adnama in Wonderland


  5. Nice! Makes it more fun and personal.


  6. Yes, Music is my Muse.

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  7. So True.

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  8. I do like them

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  9. You will like my Father-in-law’s writing Orvillewrong – Malcolm Marsh


  10. My Favourite I Love it. ❤⚘

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