Little Spider, A Short Poem

Little spider builds so neat, With sticky threads like glue, Web of angles is complete, Has caught the morning dew, Such amazing architects, Constructing with eight legs, Over night such web erects, Between some posts and pegs. ————— Spiders come in so many shapes, sizes, and types: tiny, large, huge, fuzzy, bulbous, flat, web builders,Continue reading “Little Spider, A Short Poem”

Spiders Lair, A 32 Word Poem – Monstrous Halloween

In the Spider’s Lair, Quite a sticky haven, Best take some care, Or you’ll wind up graven Many tiny eyes, Each looking your way, Poison piercing fangs, Now seek out their prey ———————— Written for entry 5 of the Monstrous Halloween event, One Word Prompt: Spider. And for Sammi’s 32 word challenge using the wordContinue reading “Spiders Lair, A 32 Word Poem – Monstrous Halloween”

Web of Bright Golden Silk (poem)

Built with exemplary skill, A web of bright golden silk… Is placed on this lovely hill, To capture bugs and that ilk… So nice a place to call home, Among the greens and bright reds… A beautiful place to roam, For the builder each insect dreads. © 2018 – James Sponseller –

Halloween Challenge: Costume

Here is day 31 and the last for the 2017 JNW’s Halloween Challenge. Topic: Costume In the image, each spider is wearing a costume 🙂 I did not work the word into the haiku below however. I hope everyone has had as much fun reading my entries for the challenge as I have had creating them!Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Costume”