An Arrow With Your Name On It, A Flash Fiction

Please don’t be mine! I thought to myself quietly as Andrew drew forth another arrow from the cache. You see, at camp we have a unique way of assigning work duties and Andrew, the camp’s best archer, was about to bullseye someone with latrine duty.

Every camper’s name was written on an arrow discretely such that whomever was shooting would not know the name upon it. A duty would be drawn at random and the campers would rotate through, pull an arrow, and fire it towards the target. On the next bullseye hit, the camper whose name was on the arrow would be assigned the last duty drawn, in this instance, latrine duty.

The arrow Andrew placed in his bow looked very straight. The fletching showing no blemish that might cause his shot to err. As he drew the bowstring back a sharp intake of breath sounded from all the other campers with the same fear.

As always, Andrew’s arrow found its mark, deep in the center of the bullseye. A camp counselor walked over and retrieved the arrow. Turning towards us he said in a loud voice, “Latrine duty this week is assigned to J”…my heart skipped a beat at the ‘j’ sound…”ustin.” I heard the groan coming from across the group of campers as Justin realized his fate. I, myself, was relieved. Justin, not Jim, at least this week anyway.


A new tale for #ffpp #47

I hope you enjoyed this nerve wracking tale 😉

Arrow cache image by GaborfromHungary @ morguefile

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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