The Secret to Wealth, A Fictional Tale

Michael loved mazes. So when he spied the book sitting on a table in his grandfather’s study, he just could not resist. He had been told never to touch the books in that study but he figured that was because old people tended to hide cash in their books, and he wouldn’t take any ifContinue reading “The Secret to Wealth, A Fictional Tale”

Beautiful Natural Locks, A Sunday Photo Fiction

[TV commercial voice] Is your hair thinning out? Have you gone bald before your time? Listen close cause we have the solution for you! Growdi-locks ™ is revolutionizing the hair treatment industry with our patented beautiful locks growth system. No more wearing clucky synthetic wigs! No more gluing strands right to the noggin! With Growdi-locksContinue reading “Beautiful Natural Locks, A Sunday Photo Fiction”