Raven’s Curse

Black as night from beak to toe, Saddled with unholy glow… Viewed in fear by those around, Reasons near cannot be found… Where death lies, I am drawn near, My solemn sound, it brings no cheer… Yet fear me not, I want to say, Is not my fault, I’m made this way. The poor raven,Continue reading “Raven’s Curse”

Bare and Beautiful, A Naked Flower

Adorned by no leaves, just bare in the breeze, this colorful flower stands out… Attracting the bees, yes bare as you please, it’s what all their buzz is about… A fragrant delight, looks quite like a kite, with its petals soaring up high… This wonderful sight, is now blooming so bright, waving about in theContinue reading “Bare and Beautiful, A Naked Flower”

Summer’s Morn, A Poem

Summer’s morn, slight haze in the air, golden rays shining through out… Breezes warm, this moment to share, peacefulness spreading about… Pleasure born, now feeling aware, time for the daily grind route. I find it hard to believe that August is already ending. What a crazy year this has been. I captured this serene photoContinue reading “Summer’s Morn, A Poem”