Chad Versus The Hydra, A Tale for Monstrous Halloween

Welcome back from the words of our sponsors. For those just tuning in we are here talking with Chad Chitwick, a slayer of monsters. So, Chad, what would you say was the toughest monster battle you’ve had?

“The Hydra battle, most definitely. I know, I know, you’re thinking, ‘Didn’t Heracles already slay that thing?’ Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I do know that I came face to face with the business ends of this creature.

All seven of them, well, at least when I started. I didn’t have a handy means of fire at the time so actually killing this thing was an insurmountable task. Instead I just kept chopping.

First, one head, then two and so on. See the problem is each of those stumps grew two more heads in its place. I was dodging left and right at the same time!

By the time the beast finally retreated I believe the count was a staggering seventy eight. Good luck finding that many matching hats…am I right? So yeah, the hydra turned away and headed back to his lair to chill and lick his wounds. Haven’t seen him since.”


Created for entry #8 of the Monstrous Halloween writing prompt set. As a slayer of monsters, describe your toughest battle.

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Original Hydra image by SilviaP_Design @ pixabay though I re-colored it a bit.

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