The Green Door, A Flash Fiction

Shelly ran up to the green door, heart pounding in her chest. The other children shouting in the background, “She’s going to do it!”

A foul odor wafted from the slot in the door. Scraping and shuffling noises coming from the other side. Shelly tried to peer in through the slot but it was too dark to see what was making the noises.

“It doesn’t count if you don’t stick your arm in!”, yelled one of the older boys from the other side of the street.

With a hesitant sigh, Shelly closed her eyes and thrust her arm into the slot quickly. Just as she started to pull her arm back out something caught it on the other side. She screamed! Frantically trying to pull her arm back out, a sharp pain lanced into her hand.

The other children watched in horror as Shelly fought to pull her arm back. Blood started to run down from her arm, coating the door in a sickly red color.

A nearby adult, hearing all the commotion, ran over to Shelly. He tried to calm her down so she would stop pulling on her arm. He opened the door to reveal Shelly’s arm had become speared on a very large splinter right near her hand. This was going to need stitches!

The penned animals further inside looked on, a little frightened by the commotion. No monster inside after all.


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Green Door image by GaborfromHungary @ morguefile

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

Published by Jim Sponseller

Family man, father, programmer, and artist. I work with digital art, photographs, author poems and fiction, and also work in artistic metal smithing. You can find poems, photos, and digital art samplings at Thank you for your support! If you like my offerings and would like to donate, please buy me a coffee:

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