Poetry: Sunflower Sunset

Sunflower here, sunset is near, A pleasant view, the sky is so clear… Stretching up tall, nearly alone, So full and bright, these petals have grown… Without judgement, rectitude none, Soaking up rays, a day nearly done… Moment of peace, busy life’s balm, Relish and keep, this feeling of calm. © 2018 James Sponseller –Continue reading “Poetry: Sunflower Sunset”

Poetry: Drops of Gold

Yellow beads, like drops of gold, Shine brightly in the light… Striking stems, a green so bold, Helps lift them up a height… Growing close, a place unplanned, You’d surely call them wild… Some a weed, that would be banned, Their presence quite reviled… Pictured here, their beauty clear, I hope a better fate… LivingContinue reading “Poetry: Drops of Gold”

Cotton Candy Clouds

Captured these clouds behind our house tonight. Almost all the colors of cotton candy! At a cursory look one might even think it is. That kind of makes me hungry. I will likely use it in some poetry or scene down the road but wanted to go ahead and share the image. It also workedContinue reading “Cotton Candy Clouds”