Scene: Reflections

[Begin scene]

The morning sun rises, its journey begins to ascend into the sky…

A small pond at the bottom of a hill, capturing the event, displaying it back with little distortion…

The light beams dance across dance across the water’s surface, giving motion to the reflections upon it…

The beautiful scene, disturbed by passing ducks, casting the reflections into turmoil as they make waves…

As the ripples fade with time, so too does the turmoil, the reflections returning to closely match reality once more.

#time heals

[End scene]



© 2017 – James Sponseller –


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  1. I love reflections, they make amazing, interesting images.

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I will write a proper post later today about it. Thanks again!

  3. Looking forward to it. 😄
    Anytime. Love your writings!

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