Harvest Done, A Calming Poem

Harvest is done, ‘neath the setting sun, All is silent and calm, Peaceful and cool, Deeply beautiful, Silent reciting of psalms, Drifting to sleep, Started counting sheep, Welcome the rising moon, Dream something deep, A wish you can keep, Bringing your soul in tune. ——————- Wishing everyone a restful night. Have a good night. JimContinue reading “Harvest Done, A Calming Poem”

5 Vibrant Blooms to Boost Your Thursday

It’s Thursday. Past Wednesday and winding down for the week but not yet to the freedom following the Friday workday. Here’s 5 vibrant bloom images to boost your mood and see you through the day. 1. First up a beautiful oriental lily. This one growing tall in my mother-in-law’s flower garden. 2. Here we haveContinue reading “5 Vibrant Blooms to Boost Your Thursday”