Stunned (story, part 3 [Mars Adventure])

This is part 3 of a Mars Adventure. If you missed other parts you can find them here: Part 1 – Dismal and Part 2 – Eruption Red dust, highlighted by white marble specks, drifted back down to where Eric stood, stunned in place. His mind was racing as the scene replayed itself in hisContinue reading “Stunned (story, part 3 [Mars Adventure])”

WOTD: Eruption (story, part 2 [Mars Adventure])

Welcome to part 2 of this story. If you need to catch up or recap, here is part 1: Dismal. The unnatural winds lifted the sand from around Eric and the statue, sending it skyward like an eruption from the earth. As the sand was pulled from beneath him, Eric sank lower beside the statue,Continue reading “WOTD: Eruption (story, part 2 [Mars Adventure])”

WOTD: Dismal (story, part 1 [Mars Adventure])

Dismal, Eric decided about the vast empty landscape. He longed to be back in his hometown school now. Friends and foes would be so much better than this place of nothing. Yet here he was, trudging along, hoping to reach the next settlement before a dust storm kicked up or his air tank ran empty.Continue reading “WOTD: Dismal (story, part 1 [Mars Adventure])”