Stunned (story, part 3 [Mars Adventure])

This is part 3 of a Mars Adventure. If you missed other parts you can find them here: Part 1 – Dismal and Part 2 – Eruption

Red dust, highlighted by white marble specks, drifted back down to where Eric stood, stunned in place. His mind was racing as the scene replayed itself in his mind, again and again.

Eric of the Earth‘, the feminine voice had called. Somehow the figure knew of him and was speaking directly to him, a plea for help. He could not fathom just what he, a young man drug to this vast wasteland by his family, could do to help but he knew deep within he was going to try.

He gathered up the sack of ore, the load seeming a bit lighter with his new found purpose, and resumed his trek to the nearby settlement. His mind raced with questions he hoped could be answered, yet he did not know by whom. Did he dare tell anyone just what he had witnessed?

To be continued…

Special thanks to kikatani @ pixabay for the base image including dust cloud (elephant image 🙂 )

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