WOTD: Eruption (story, part 2 [Mars Adventure])

Welcome to part 2 of this story. If you need to catch up or recap, here is part 1: Dismal.

The unnatural winds lifted the sand from around Eric and the statue, sending it skyward like an eruption from the earth. As the sand was pulled from beneath him, Eric sank lower beside the statue, giving him the sensation that the statue was growing forth from the ground.

The wind continued swirling around, a calm center settling in around him. Towering over him now was the statue of the most beautiful woman Eric could imagine. The blue glow continued to pulse from the ring. The statue a soft blue as the light reflected off of the stone.

Cracks began to form across the surface of the statue. It began to crumble. In his mind the words came, a melodic voice, soft yet strained, Find me, Eric of the Earth. Save me!

The statue continued to crumble into dust, the ring pulsing faster. The wind swept back in to the center, carrying the white dust up with the sand, the ring glowing brightly lifted high until out of sight. A slight clap resounded, as of thunder, and the wind was gone. Red dust floated back down around him.

[To be continued…]

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Word of the Day Challenge: Eruption

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