A Joyous Day (story)

The wave receeded, rushing back to rejoin the clear blue water on this side of the reef. Tom watched it flow, listened to the gentle sounds of the next wave preparing to replace it. The relaxing cadence sending him into a trancelike state. It was late evening, the sun hanging low above the horizon. TheContinue reading “A Joyous Day (story)”

Lavish Lillies

Lavish lillies hangin’ out, “Look at me!“, they seem to shout… With their pink and bright red hues, They are more than just a snooze… A #gorgeous tag suits them well, Careful now, their heads might swell… Still I think they are quite nice, A piece of joy, of heaven’s slice! © 2018 – JamesContinue reading “Lavish Lillies”


Clear your mind, read the description slowly, and let your imagination unfold and paint your mental canvas… [Begin scene] Fairground rides, people milling about… Bright red and white top, sparkling lights… Organ music calls to the crowd…. Colorful horses with plumes on their heads… Young child holds tight, with a smile so big… Her motherContinue reading “Carousel”