Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

Here is day 27 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf I welcome any feedback you have on this. Too long? Too generic? Too boring? Please let me know! [Begin scene] Jonathon and the Werewolves Jonathon knew he was in trouble now. He winced at each clank as his revolver tumbled down the side of the ravine.Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Werewolf”

Halloween Challenge: Creature

Here is day 26 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Creature. [Begin scene] Creature of the nights, You give me such a scare… When I out the lights, You’re simply standing there… Ever you are silent, As on the walls you dance… Never you’ve been violent, I know you’ve had the chance… Maybe I’ve been wrong, And IContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Creature”

Halloween Challenge: Moon

Here is day 25 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon [Begin scene] The man in the moon looks down from the sky, From this vantage point he begins to cry…   Why are they hurtful, why are they so mean, These people of Earth, yes lots I have seen…   Somewhere among them I long to find, AllContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Moon”

Halloween Challenge: Skeleton

Here is day 24 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Skeleton [Begin scene] Reporter: Are we going to see your trademark moves in the game today? Skeleton Player: Nah, coach benched me. Says I don’t have any skin in the game… [End scene] 🙂     © 2017 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net