Halloween Challenge: Vampire

Here is day 29 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Vampire A bit of a fluff limerick 😉 [Begin scene] Up is his big stone castle… Lives a vampire who finds it a hassle… To go on down… Nearby the town… So never feeds on any vassal! [End scene]         © James Sponseller – mindescapes.netContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Vampire”

Scene: Final Harvest

[Begin scene] A late fall day, the temperature unseasonally warm, an extra lease on life… Crawling hungrily on a violet, almost blue, blossom is a small bee… Collecting a last bit of pollen for the hive, the little insect works diligently among the flower’s fluff… With the cold about to set in, this is likelyContinue reading “Scene: Final Harvest”

Wordsearch Wednesday: Search #3

Welcome to Wordsearch Wednesday! To make it easier to solve, you may want to copy the image and past it into your favorite editing program that will allow you to draw on it or simply print the image and complete it on paper. The previous installment, Wordsearch Wednesday: Search #2, was for traditional halloween costumes. ThisContinue reading “Wordsearch Wednesday: Search #3”